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Faith in Yemen

Zakat Foundation is committed to bringing relief to Yemen today, just as we have brought emergency relief aid throughout the world for the last two decades. We are providing immediate food relief, long-term sustainable agriculture and clean water, all to counter malnutrition and cholera. The New York Times selected Zakat Foundation of America as a top charity aiding in Yemen.

While we provide immediate relief, we are also investing in the future of the Yemeni people. We can achieve this by giving aid in three critical ways: Food Baskets to feed the hungry, Water Relief to quench the thirsty, and Food Security to prevent starvation with livestock gifts.

Zakat Foundation of America has been ranked four out of four stars by Charity Navigator for the last decade. Your gift to Yemen is in the most trusted hands.

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You can feed Yemenis today by providing a food basket of cooking oil, rice, flour, pasta, sugar, & more.

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Did you know that there are approximately 18 MILLION Yemenis without access to safe, clean water? You can help bring safe, clean water with water tanks.

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Enable vulnerable families to generate sustainable income to improve food security, self-reliance and dignity in a time of severe deprivation.

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