Why Sudan Flood Emergency Relief Is Critical

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Climate change has led to a slew of natural disasters over this past summer, with Sudan being one of the countries most affected.

The Sudan flood has caused devastation in over half of the country and the heart-wrenching situation on the ground makes emergency relief crucial.

The Situation in Sudan 

The effects of climate change have led to record monsoon flooding in Sudan this year.

Nearly 386,000 people have been affected by the Sudan flood and 15 out of Sudan’s 18 provinces have been hit by flood waters. Over 100 people have lost their lives and thousands more need flood emergency relief after being displaced. 

The infrastructure damage caused by the Sudan flood is also significant, with over 15,000 homes destroyed and another 39,000 damaged. 

The destruction caused by the Sudan flood leaves those affected without access to their homes and businesses, as well as to necessities like food, water and electricity. 

Without this access, the Sudanese cannot carry on with their daily lives and flood waters put them at a higher risk for water-borne diseases. They are in dire need of shelter, clean drinking water and hygiene necessities. 

The Sudanese have a difficult and dangerous road ahead for recovery and flood emergency relief could not be more critical. 

What We’re Doing

For over 15 years, we’ve been providing humanitarian aid in Sudan and are proud to be giving flood emergency relief this year. 

Our team is on the ground in the Managil locality working with families affected by the Sudan flood in the Gezira state. We are providing medical and hygiene supplies as well as temporary shelter.

For just $13, you can provide a tent and mosquito netting and for $90, you can provide essential hygiene supplies. Help Sudan flood victims today: https://www.zakat.org/get-involved/sudan-flood-emergency 


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