Who Receives Udhiya/Qurbani? Kids Like Abuya and Sumon

Meet Abuya, a Zakat Foundation of America sponsored orphan. At 10 years old she has suffered the losses of both parents and barely supported herself and her grandmother by begging on the street in a Kenyan slum. Just obtaining food on a daily basis was a struggle. But now she is eating well every day and attending school for the first time in her life.

When you perform your Udhiya/Qurbani in Kenya, Abuya, her grandmother and many others in need will benefit.

Meet Sumon, another Zakat Foundation of America-sponsored orphan. He is in second grade and doing well now that he lives in a Zakat Foundation of America sponsored orphanage. His father died suddenly when Sumon was young, leaving his mother and older brother to care for him. But as farmers in an area of Bangladesh that is frequently hit by catastrophic monsoon floods, his family was extremely poor and unable to provide even two meals per day. Now he is in school, getting regular meals and healthcare, and dreams of being a manager someday. He says he has everything he needs, thanks to the generosity of people like you.

When you perform your Udhiya/Qurbani in Bangladesh, Sumon, his brother and mother, and many more like them will benefit.

Your Udhiya/Qurbani is an act of gratitude whose impact reaches across oceans and deserts to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. That is the power of sacrifice. Share your Udhiya/Qurbani today.