Want to spread joy this Eid? Here’s where you can donate to help those in need

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Posted by Menatalla Ibrahim on July 19, 2021. Retrieved from www.dohanews.co.

The much-awaited Islamic festival is a time of mass prayers, grand feasts, and, most importantly, sharing joy with those in need. 

As many of us get ready to celebrate the joyful days of Eid al-Adha with grand feasts and new clothes, it is always important to remember those who are less privileged around the world, especially during this holy commemoration.

Muslims around the world take Eid as an opportunity to give back to the community and help those in need with essentials such as food, clothes, and money. The festival is known to bring immense joy to the most vulnerable communities through generous donations from millions around the globe.

The donations aim to promote empathy, care, and concern for vulnerable communities and help alleviate some of the suffering they may face.

One of the most prominent donations during Eid al-Adha is meat, which is part of the “Qurbani” sacrifice Muslims perform globally during the first three days.

This ritual, also known as Udhiya in the Arab region, is carried out to honour Prophet Ibrahim who, according to Islamic tradition, had agreed to sacrifice his son Ismail when requested by God. Due to his faith and obedience, God then told him to sacrifice a lamb instead of his son.

Following Ibrahim’s trials, most Muslims around the world offer a ‘sacrifice’ by slaughtering an animal such as a cow, sheep or goat, by which the meat is later distributed to family, friends and the poor to help impoverished families and communities in need.

However, if you’d like to give a little more this Eid, here are five easily accessible online places you can donate to from the comfort of your own home.

Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity has launched its Eid al-Adha campaign, ‘Delight them with your sacrifice, Let the hope continue’ that aims to benefit nearly 1.2 million people at an estimated cost of QAR 30.7 million.

The organisation also aims to provide 5,000 Qurbani to 46,500 people from low-income and expatriate families, in addition to those affected by Covid-19 in Qatar.

Eid donations can be made through the charity’s mobile application or on its website, where donors can simply choose the campaign that best fits them before making the payment. Options include money, clothes, construction, food essentials, and Qurbani in several countries around the world.

Home collections can also be requested through its website.

For those wishing to donate in person, the non-profit organisation is collecting donations through its headquarters and other branches across Qatar. Booths can also be found in commercial complexes in all regions of the country.

Qatar Charity has 32 branches across the country, including 20 for men and 12 others for women. Over 101 points and collection sites are also distributed in different areas to collect donations from the public.

Qatar Red Crescent Society

“Qurbani Gets You Closer” campaign by QRCS provides donors with various options to donate meat during Eid in Qatar, Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia. The prices range from 350 to 760, depending on the country, and can be done in less than 5 minutes through their website.

In Sudan, Al-Adahi Project aims to distribute sheep meat to 6,546 poor people in the country, with the ritually specified times of slaughter observed, at a total cost of QR 600,050.

The meat will be distributed to over 12,480 poor beneficiaries in Kenya, 6,546 in Somalia, and 2,500 in Qatar.

Last year, the charity organisation distributed meat rations as food aid to 125,000 poor persons in Qatar and five other countries.

Islamic Relief 

Islamic Relief is a humanitarian aid and development agency working to help those in need around the world. It was established in the UK in 1984 and currently works in over 45 countries, assisting people of all faiths.

This Eid, the organisation plans on carrying out 175,000 sacrifices, which will benefit over 3 million people across the globe.

“Your donation will bring joy to those in need of support, and allow them to enjoy the blessed days of Eid free from worrying about how they will feed their families,” the organisation said on its website.

Options available are:

  • Group A – $65
    Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia and Sudan

  • Group B – $105
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan and Rohingya Refugees (in Bangladesh)

  • Group C – $185
    Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa, Syria and Yemen

  • Group D – $270
    Albania, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza), Syrian Refugees (in Turkey) and Tunisia

People from all across the world can easily donate online through its website after choosing the option that best fits their plan.

Zakat Foundation of America

The charity foundation is a Chicago-based NGO that provides emergency relief, post-disaster rehabilitation, sustainable development, education, healthcare, orphan sponsorship, and seasonal programs through Zakat donated by Muslims.

People can donate online through the organisation’s website and choose any amount, assuring that every dollar counts. Qurbani meat can be provided to an entire family for as little as $70 and as much as $500, depending on the country.

Last Hajj season, Zakat Foundation distributed 10 million pounds of meat as offerings of nearness (Qurbani).

Orphans in Need

Orphans in Need is a UK-based organisation. Established in 2005, the institution supports and cares for over 30,000 orphans and their families in 14 countries including Somalia, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

The organisation provides Qurbani donation options for orphans in need, in addition to Eid gifts to bring happiness to the children during the annual celebration.

Those wishing to donate can do so through the organisation’s website, where they will find various options and countries to donate to according to their wishes.