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Turkey Battles the Blazes

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We’re working directly with our own Zakat Foundation of America staff and personnel on the ground in Turkey. We are doing everything we can to help the region engulfed in flames — a region so near and dear to our hearts. We’re committed to sending immediate emergency aid including but not limited to food, hygiene kits, and essential survival supplies. Continual on-the-ground assessments will help deepen our response.

Thousands Fleeing the Flames

The skies over Turkey have turned into a thick blanket of gray, hazy and unbreathable air. The most vulnerable, farmers, and hospitality workers are escaping with their belongings in hand to survive the brutal fires. Tens of thousands have been evacuated, leaving behind a life’s worth of property and memories. With evacuation orders in place, many will be left homeless and without essential survival supplies.

Our Zakat Foundation of America offices in Turkey are uniquely positioned to respond immediately and effectively to help all those impacted. We can swiftly send aid with our deep community connections and humanitarian efforts already in place in the region.

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