Syrian Crisis: The Worst Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time

At Zakat Foundation of America, we have been deeply involved in the humanitarian relief efforts underway in Syria. Why are we focusing so much of our Emergency Relief Program on Syria? Here is some important information on why sending humanitarian aid to Syria is so critical: 

Who is affected by the Syrian conflict?

The war in Syria has been raging on for almost nine years. This non-stop violence and conflict have taken the heaviest toll on civilians. In particular, the most impacted have been women and children. 

According to UNICEF, over 11.5 MILLION civilians are now in immediate need of aid. Of this, over 5 MILLION are children who need humanitarian assistance NOW.  

Why do Syrian civilians need our assistance? 

The Syrian conflict has forced millions to leave their homes, have disrupted essential systems such as schools, hospitals or even commerce, and more. As a result, Syrian civilians have literally no access to items for basic survival. They have limited access to nutritional food, water, life-saving medicines, and more. 

Within Syria, 2.98 MILLION are in besieged or hard to reach areas. We work with partners in these areas to send much-needed aid to Syrian civilians. We pack trucks with child hygiene products, female hygiene, temporary shelter aid, food, and more. We work to get these trucks into Syria where is it needed most. 

Here is footage of our teams working tirelessly to pack a truck ready to drive in to Syria to distribute aid. 


Just this month, we are planning to provide aid to 4,750 Syrians. Compared to the millions that need aid, this may seem like a drop in the bucket. But with grace of God and your help, we can do more. 

How YOU can help. 

It is so easy to feel fatigue from seeing the atrocities being committed against Syrian civilians. But we are only able to carry out our humanitarian efforts with the help of generous donors just like you. We need your support more than ever. Won’t you help? Please make a donation to our Emergency Relief fund today. 

Established in 2001, Zakat Foundation of America is a trusted humanitarian organization that advances zakat as a vehicle for social change. We use 100% of our Emergency Relief donations to go to the ones who need it. As a 4-star Charity Navigator rated organization, we are rooted in transparency. We work tirelessly and diligently to provide aid where it is needed most.