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Sudan Flood Emergency

Help us rush flood emergency aid to Sudan

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Sudan floods emergency has left countless people bereft of their homes, possessions and vulnerable to water-borne diseases. More than 100 people have been killed and 14,500 homes destroyed by Sudan's seasonal downpours and floods. Hundreds of thousands of people are now displaced across 12 states.

Our team in Sudan is working with families affected by River Nile Flood in Gezira state, in the Managil locality of Sudan. We promise to work tirelessly to provide flood emergency relief in the form of tents to provide temporary shelter, urgently-needed medical, and hygiene supplies. 

Help us save lives.

“Our roots in Sudan run deep. Since 2007, we have truly seen the beauty of the people in Sudan during our work. We will never abandon the Sudanese. Especially during their time of need.”