Something Magical Is Happening at the Sigaruna Kibaruna Clinic

In a situation of fierce, constant conflict, it is all too easy for children with special needs to fall through the cracks, to miss the close attention and expert care that are crucial for them to reach their potential. With 2.7 million children displaced by the Syrian war to date, it is vital that those children who face developmental challenges have the resources and special education that can help them grow into flourishing adults. For the youth who make up the generations to come will face the formidable task of rebuilding Syrian society and rejuvenating their culture after the staggering destruction of a long, relentless war.

In the Hatay Province of Turkey, located in the far south of the country near the Syrian border, Zakat Foundation of America recently began sponsoring the Sigaruna Kibaruna Clinic, a specialized facility for treating and uplifting young Syrian children with developmental challenges. Here, students receive expert help in cognitive training, speech therapy, and auditory and visual processing. Zakat Foundation of America’s partners in Turkey report that some of the students have already shown tremendous improvement in these areas, inspiring their peers as well as the Clinic’s teachers to keep working hard to ensure that all children receive their rightful opportunities. Zakat Foundation of America fervently believes that all children deserve an education as a basic right, and that it is a special obligation to make sure that none are left behind, no matter how chaotic the social circumstances may be.

Something magical is happening for Syrian refugee children at the Sigaruna Kibaruna Clinic. Please consider donating today, and help these promising young people get the resources they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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