Remembering Dr. Sadaf Khan


Throughout my years at Zakat Foundation of America, I have had the honor and privilege to meet many angel-like people — that is, people whose characteristics are extraordinarily noble. Indeed, Dr. Sadaf Khan was one of these wonderful people. 

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our dear friend and long-time donor passed away on June 6, 2023, after battling cancer for three years. Based on her energy and spirits, you might have never known she was battling it in the first place. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower her with mercy and accept her into Jannah.

Dr. Sadaf Khan was a brilliant pediatric cardiologist and incredibly humble. She loved Zakat Foundation of America and its work; through it, she constructed three mosques and 60 handpumps. The last few months, we talked about her traveling to one of our international offices. I am heartbroken that I couldn’t make that happen in time.

She left behind a legacy of caring, sharing, and generosity. She worked with us to build the Sadaqa Jariyah (perpetual charity) project. Tens and thousands of people will remember her through her work. With her work, she will continue to live in our hearts and prayers.

Please pray for her and remember her in your dua.

Halil Demir
Executive Director - Zakat Foundation of America

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