Rekindling Faith and Fun In North Carolina

When Zakat Foundation of America commits to a relief campaign, that commitment goes beyond providing basic necessities and relief supplies. It encompasses the whole community. This past Sunday, in Lumberton, North Carolina, that principle was put into action.

Lumberton and the surrounding communities are still recovering from the massive rainfall and flooding that struck in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. While the situation is slowly being brought under control, many needs are still unmet. Clean drinking water and food supplies are still lacking for many residents, while some basic institutions such as public schools remain closed. In response, Zakat Foundation of America held a major distribution that provided relief supplies like paper towels, cleaning supplies and hygiene kits to around 1,000 people as well as fresh meals for about 600 donated by the Raleigh-Durham Muslim community. Additionally, a bounce house and cotton candy machine were rented for the children, which created a big buzz in the community because it was unexpected and provided a pleasant reprieve from the post-hurricane chaos of recent weeks.

“Last week I saw many kids who looked bored and sad,” said Zakat Foundation of America East Coast Programs Director Murat Kose. “I wanted to do something unique. So I decided to get a bounce house and a slide along with cotton candy. We rented from a local company to help the local economy. Due to the hurricane, many businesses were not doing great. The owner of the company, Fred, was grateful for this, and he made a special hurricane discount with an unlimited cotton candy supply."

As always, Zakat Foundation of America does everything it can to help the whole community in times of need, including local businesses and children. Children’s need for fun, play, and relaxation is often difficult to address after major disasters such as this, but doing so is crucial for their wellbeing. Zakat Foundation of America’s local partners in the community contributed volunteers and supplies, including the Islamic Center of Lumberton, the Islamic Association of Raleigh, Apex Mosque, Project Light House, and Triangle Muslim Aid.

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