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Red Foundation and Zakat Foundation of America Collaborate To Build Homes for Flood-Affected Families

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The Zakat Foundation of America, an America-based NGO, joined hands with the Red Foundation to provide much-needed assistance to the flood-affected communities of Jhudo. In a heartwarming gesture, the keys of one-room residential units were handed over to the families whose homes were damaged during last year’s heavy rains and floods.

During the key handover event, Farrukh Raza, Country Manager of Zakat Foundation of America, along with Fazlur Rehman, Agha Noor Mohammad Pathan, Mohammad Danish of the Red Foundation, and various local dignitaries were present to witness the reconstruction and handover of the residential units. The joint effort of the Red Foundation and Zakat Foundation of America successfully completed the construction of 26 houses in the affected village, providing much-needed shelter to affected families.

Addressing the gathering, Farrukh Raza, Fazlur Rehman and Agha Noor Muhammad Pathan expressed their deep concern for the flood-affected victims and praised Zakat Foundation of America’s efforts in providing aid and relief to those who have lost their homes. 

Apart from the one-room residential units, the Foundation also distributed umbrellas to families in rural areas. Additionally, 360 tons of rice and other essential supplies, including potable water, have been delivered to support flood victims.

The joint initiative between Red Foundation and Zakat Foundation of America reflects a commitment to alleviate the suffering of flood-affected families and provides them hope for a brighter future. The NGOs remain dedicated to continuing their efforts in providing relief and shelter to those affected by the devastating floods.