Ramadan 2021 Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

As we get further into this blessed, holy month of Ramadan, we strive to improve our religiosity. We work on being mindful in our fasts, maintaining focus in our prayers, and giving as generously as is reasonable for our own situations.

We build on our spiritual connection. Let’s remember the impact our spiritual connection can have in this life. Look around the world with me at some of the people our global Muslim community — our ummah — has helped feed.

Look at their smiles and their focus. Their pious giving and receiving. In a world wrought with food insecurity, we humble ourselves by giving to those who are used to going to bed hungry.


Community members line up in Afghanistan to receive their Ramadan food packages. You can donate one for $60. It feeds a family of five for a whole month. Our hard-working colleagues deliver your gift of rice, lentils, noodles, cooking oil, potatoes, dates, tea, sugar, and more to the most vulnerable in over 40 countries on five continents worldwide.

Burkina Faso

Women in Burkina Faso receive staples they can use in their cooking. Our Ramadan food packages come with different items for different regions. Zakat Foundation of America works with local vendors to buy local products, boosting the area’s economy to create a more direct impact.


We focus on feeding families. Widows, single mothers, orphans and other vulnerable children especially need our help. Their stories add depth to your donations.


There may be a nationwide vaccine implementation in the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging communities worldwide. Food security’s importance has multiplied with during the pandemic and is even greater during the holy month of Ramadan.


Syrian refugees in Jordan anxiously await the arrival of your gifts of Iftar, Here, children of Syrian refugees sit with a Zakat Foundation of America representative before being given a nice warm meal at Iftar time with their families.


Beneficiaries can safely wait their turn in line as Zakat Foundation of America representatives prepare Ramadan supplies for them.


Our representatives also make trips to homes in some parts of the world.


We are in our second decade of humanitarian help for the Philippines. Every year, you help feed hundreds of families in Ramadan with food baskets and warm meals.

Rohingya (In India)

Our representatives go directly into refugee camps to deliver food aid — in addition to our other programs for refugee empowerment — to those who need it most.


The refugee camps in India, Syria and around the world share similar struggles. We’ve seen them, and we work hard to reach and uplift them.


Seeing children enjoy what’s in their food packages melts our heart. The excitement on their faces means the world to us.


This is where our donations go — directly in the hands of those who need it most. We see food insecurity cripple countries in every region of the world, and so we do our best to help feed whoever we can, with Zakat Foundation of America’s work reaching people in nearly 50 countries on five continents.