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Fulfill the obligation of Udhiyah-Qurbani and feed needful families in one of 40+ countries.

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Our Qurbani Pledge

The obedience of Abraham, on him be peace, is the example of submission in sacrifice as preserved in the Quran. Follow his example by sacrificing to feed the starving, the displaced, and the utterly impoverished. 

The grazing animals we have gathered meet Islam’s high standards of proper-aged, unblemished, healthy offerings. We give them generous nourishment, hire local professionals to prepare the Islamic sacrifice after Eid Salah, then hand-deliver your Udhiyah-Qurbani shares to the needful on Eid Day. 

Your Impact Last Udhiyah–Qurbani

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Give the Gift of Sacrifice

Fathima Shaikh, a 45-year-old widow in India, supports her family of five children, two with disabilities, and three in school. Struggling in poverty, she relies on meager earnings from odd jobs, supplemented by a widow's pension, but still faces financial hardship, unable to afford even simple blessings, like meat. Through your generous support last Dhu’l-Hijjah, we delivered to her fresh Udhiyah-Qurbani meat to enjoy on Eid Al Adhah. Fathima shared her joy and gratitude: “I thank Zakat Foundation of America and its donors for reaching out to us. You made us happy to feel that we are part of a community.” She celebrated by preparing a delicious meat biryani for her children to enjoy. 

Give Your Udhiyah–Qurbani
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Sustain Livelihoods Through Livestock

58-year-old Khalid was forced to leave his hometown of Al Thaher, Yemen to escape war. He suffered a shrapnel injury that completely paralyzed his right hand. The war killed members of his family, disabled one of his children, and destroyed his house, farm, and cattle. He never thought that he could rebuild his life again, until he heard about our Livelihoods program. Khalid received three pregnant sheep, which soon multiplied to five. Grateful for the opportunity to start over and provide for his family, Khalid expressed his gratitude to our donors. He shared his joy of caring for the sheep and explained how the project enhanced his family's living conditions. 

Gift Livestock

The Zakat Foundation of America Promise

Quality Livestock

Healthy, defect-free livestock

Cost Effective

Purchase livestock locally at fair rates

Local Sacrifice

Sacrificed locally after Eid Salah

Hygienic Practices

Ensure cleanliness in Islamically correct sacrifice, waste disposal, and packaging

Local Collaboration

Contract local stockyards, butchers, and field volunteers

Hand Delivered

Fresh (never-frozen) on Eid day

Your Udhiya–Qurbani in Action

3 Simple Steps to Secure Your Sacrifice

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Step 1: Select a country from the list below.
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Step 2: Our global team sources healthy, ethically raised livestock locally to sacrifice.
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Step 3: We hand-deliver fresh, never frozen, halal meat to the neediest.

Udhiyah–Qurbani 2024

Give Here

Note: We will sacrifice a sheep, if possible. If not possible, we will substitute a cow or buffalo for every 7 Udhiyah–Qurbani shares. Prices reflect per-share cost. We will perform Udhiyah–Qurbani in requested countries until per-country quotas have been met, after which Udhiyah–Qurbani will be performed in a country with the greatest need. All Qurbani dedicated to Syria will be conducted at Syrian borders not in the country itself.