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Siege in Palestine

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Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and God.

– Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace

Human RIGHT Side

A Commitment to Help

We will always support the right to self-determination, especially for Palestinians who are stripped of it. We will always fight for the oppressed. We will always be on the human RIGHT side of history. In recent days, Gaza has been flattened from Israeli airstrikes that have killed civilians and destroyed their homes.

We will not stop helping Palestinians recover! We will continue to deliver aid, support orphans who have lost parents to this conflict, offer support in the form of medical supplies, mental health services, and more.

Our commitment to transparency and accountability means you can trust your donation goes directly to the people of Palestine. For more than 15 years, we have had our teams on the ground and working with trusted partners to deliver your aid.

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Protect Palestinian Children

Imagine being left all alone in the world in one the most dangerous places on earth for children.* That is the reality for Palestinian orphan children. They have lived their entire lives under military conflict and occupation without proper access to food, education and emotional support. Help Palestinian orphas get the care they so desperately need. For only $50/month you can change their lives. Give generously.

Our Teams & Partners Working to Deliver Your Aid

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Our Partner


We partner with United Nations Relief and Works Agency USA to repair houses in the Gaza Strip, home to Palestinian refugee families. The impact of the aid and services provided by our partnership with UNRWA has helped make the Gaza Strip liveable. Our educational grant of half a million dollars helped Palestinian refugees achieve their full potential in human development in the face of rough living conditions.

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Our Partner


Greenhouses give families in Gaza the power to earn and sustain an income by harvesting fresh produce. Our funding to ANERA supports families in southern Gaza to help rebuild their lives.

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Our Partner


The impact of continuous conflict can have severe effects on one’s mental health, especially for a young child. We understand this and immediately partnered with Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) to provide mental health support to those children that have seen and experienced too much for their age.