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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Recurrent humanitarian crises, including influxes of refugees, disease outbreaks, and natural calamities, plague Uganda. Over 500,000 Karamoja inhabitants experienced food insecurity in 2022 due to drought, and 92,000 malnourished children required medical attention. Circumstances grew worse when an Ebola outbreak was declared in September 2022. Humanitarian assistance will be needed by an estimated 13.8 million vulnerable people, including women and children. Since 2010, Zakat Foundation has been providing essential relief through seasonal food projects, water well digging and water treatment tablets, and livelihood support with maize seeds distribution for farmers.  

Our Impact in Uganda

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293,214 Lives Impacted

5,798 Ramadan Food Packages Distributed

6,088 Qurbani Meat Packages Distributed

1,188 Received Mosquito Repellant Nets

184 Water Wells Dug

6 Mosques Built

18,450 Mosque Beneficiaries

199,125 Water Beneficiaries

Stories of Change

The Gift of Water, an Ever-Flowing Charity

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Ousman Ndrangu

Ousman Ndrangu residing in Lukalu, a village plagued by water scarcity, recalls the struggles they faced, traveling in search of water. The village lacked water wells, and they prayed for a solution. A visit to a neighboring village with a Zakat Foundation of America gave them hope. Ousman contacted Amar, responsible for the well, who guaranteed help. We delivered on our promise, providing clean water to their village, bringing immense gratitude to the donors and Zakat Foundation of America for this timely response.

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Safiya Mutegi

In Safiya Mutegi’s village, the residents faced severe challenges related to clean water. Safiya endured hardships fetching water from swamps because there were no water wells nearby. She was even forced to share water sources with animals, leading to widespread diseases. However, the arrival of the water well brought immense happiness and relief to the community. Safiya expressed her deep gratitude to our donors for constructing the well and providing clean water, believing that "The best charity is giving water to drink." She extended her heartfelt blessings and thanks to the organization for this life-changing initiative.

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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