Children under an Aid Gift 2016 sign in Sri Lanka.

Zakat Foundation in Sri Lanka

Zakat Foundation of America donors and aid experts have created a critical Orphan Sponsorship Program for this country of nearly 23 million, 10% of whom are a vulnerable Muslim community, subject to oppression. Our Seasonal Islamic Giving supplies an important, dependable source of food security.

Zakat Foundation’s annual gifts to the poor in Ramadan — Iftar meals throughout the entirety of the fasting month — supplies an important, dependable source of food-security for thousands. At the time of Hajj, on the day of Eid al-Adha, Zakat Foundation aid workers oversee the slaughter of locally raised cattle as Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice. They then hand-deliver thousands of pounds of nutritional, protein-rich meat to needful families. This Ramadan-to-Adha period, coming in the last four months of Islam’s lunar calendar year, has become integral to feeding the impoverished in Sri Lanka. 

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