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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

In Sub-Saharan Africa, over 34 million orphans exist; Senegal alone has 520,000. While primary school enrollment for girls improved, maintaining their education remains crucial. Rural Senegal faces poverty, food insecurity, and unsustainable farming practices like pasturing and bushfires. Through seasonal giving in Ramadan and Udhiya/Qurbani support, Zakat Foundation is addressing food scarcity by assisting hundreds of families. Moreover, with orphan support, water provision and mosque construction, the community needs are being answered.

Our Impact in Senegal

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213,702 Total Beneficiaries

86,000 Water Beneficiaries

6,912 Ramadan Food Packages Distributed

6,916 Qurbani Meat Packages Distributed

1,860 Covid-19 Response Recipients

1,500 PPEs Distributed

40 Water Wells Dug

3 Mosques Built

13,100 Mosque Congregants

Stories from the field

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12-year-old Mamadou’s day starts with Quranic school for Islamic education. After lunch, he enjoys playtime with friends. Well educated by his parents, he dreams of a better future. Despite losing his father at 5, his mother's care sustained him. With your support, he now thrives, experiencing improved health, nutrition, and clothing. You filled a critical gap, making his life better and stable. The program's impact extends beyond his family, benefiting many vulnerable children like him, demonstrating our success in meeting crucial needs.

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13-year-old Ousmane lives in a boarding school where he is flourishing with a structured routine. He attends classes, Quran lessons, and plays during his free time. Despite facing challenges after losing his father, his mother's resilience and our Orphan Care program's support transformed his life. The program aids orphaned children with essentials, fostering education and well-being, positively impacting families and communities.

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