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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

In Niger, poverty and low school enrollment rates pose significant challenges. Since 2009, Zakat Foundation has partnered with local organizations to empower women and children through education initiatives, food security, livelihood improvement, emergency response and water programs. The Ibadourrahmane School Complex has supported orphans and vulnerable children, but resource constraints hinder progress. To address these challenges, the project aims to empower families, amplify the school's impact, and enhance the living conditions of the children. Our Orphan Sponsorship Program in 18 countries, including Niger, provides financial assistance for essential needs like education, healthcare, and shelter, empowering families and enhancing children's lives. 

Our Impact in Niger

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87,266 total beneficiaries

550 orphans supported

5062 Udhiya shares distributed

6050 Ramadan food packages, and iftar meals distributed

400 goats distributed

650 emergency food packages

300 assisted famine emergency

350 assisted flood emergencies

3 water wells built benefiting 27,000 people

Unlocking Potential and Restoring Hope  

Building Brighter Futures 

Orphans face emotional, psychological, and financial challenges, highlighting the need for nurturing environments, educational opportunities, and comprehensive support to thrive

adamou moussa


After losing his father to hepatitis, Adam endured difficult living conditions. However, upon enrolling in our program, his life transformed. He expressed happiness about his improved school experience and vowed to help his family. Our program provides equal opportunities, education, healthcare, and a better life, allowing vulnerable children like Adamou to live with dignity and pursue their dreams, such as his goal of becoming a policeman

zeinab salissou idi


Zeinab's story resonates deeply with Zakat Foundation's mission. Her father's absence, her mother's hardship, and their difficult living conditions highlight the challenges faced by many children. Our program offers the support, guidance, and companionship they need. Zeinab's mother remains hopeful for her future, despite some of her siblings having to leave school to help the family. 

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