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Zakat Foundation in Nepal

Zakat Foundation of America provides Nepal’s impoverished with three crucial programs: Orphan Sponsorship, Water, and Seasonal Islamic Giving. The most important of these is our growing and developing Orphan Sponsorship Program where we supply full financial relief and care for orphans.

Zakat Foundation digs communal Water Wells as Sadaqah Jariyah. Many of these provide water to remote, rural villagers who would otherwise have to walk considerable distances and manually transport water to their homes. In addition, we provide Emergency Relief to Nepalis of every background during natural disasters, especially flooding caused by climate change-induced torrential rains in recent years. 

Our yearly provision of Ramadan Iftar meals for the whole fasting month, along with our freshly, Islamically slaughtered, locally raised Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice, hand-delivered to thousands every Eid al-Adha form a crucial, dependable source of food security for thousands of Nepalis, covering many poor families nutritional requirements for a quarter of the year.

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Orphan Care

Help care for children who can’t care for themselves.

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A Sadaqah Jariyah that provides clean water to communities.

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Seasonal Islamic Giving

Additional opportunities to provide more aid throughout the world.

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