2 children collecting water from a donated Water Well.

Zakat Foundation in India

We have long carried out critical humanitarian aid campaigns and programs throughout India, concentrating on Orphan Care, Emergency Relief (including COVID-19 aid), Education for deprived children, the establishment of free health and wellness clinics, particularly focused on women’s care, and Food Security.

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Zakat Foundation’s relief experts, already on the ground, provide humanitarian support from day one and rush in urgent, nutritional food baskets for distribution to sustain afflicted families. When it comes to emergency response operations, knowledge and experience mean everything. In addition to our own Zakat Foundation experts from Delhi, we have very reliable relief partners, like Isra Welfare Trust, who have exceptional awareness and strong connections with the people. This means Zakat Foundation relief specialists know what people need, where emergency aid is most directly needed, and how to get that aid to victims. 

Finally, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees have fled Myanmar’s genocide to India. Your support equips our aid specialists to go to border areas or the locations Rohingya refugees have encamped and provide them aid, including free medical health camps; food staples; sheltering items, and more; while offering counsel for refugee resettlement.

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Food Security

Delivering urgent food in Ramadan & year round to relieve starvation.

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Refugee Empowerment

Alleviating the needs of vulnerable families & children.

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Orphan Care

Help care for children who can’t care for themselves.

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A Sadaqah Jariyah that provides clean water to communities.

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Seasonal Islamic Giving

Additional opportunities to provide more aid throughout the world.

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