Local nonprofit supporting more than 15,000 North Carolina residents this month

Volunteers organize boxes of food during a giveaway of hygiene packages and 250 hot meals in Greensboro
Volunteers organize boxes of food during a giveaway of hygiene packages and 250 hot meals in Greensboro

After delivering more than 3 million pounds of fresh food in the United States in 2020, Zakat Foundation of America has built connections that allow the nonprofit to do even more this year. By mid-February 2021, Zakat Foundation of America distributed nearly 400,000 pounds of fresh produce, dairy, meat and non-perishables to those in the U.S. who struggle to put meals on the table for themselves and their families.

These nationwide distributions started as a way to ad­dress food insecurity and have been doing double duty as emergency relief since the COVID-19 pandemic be­ gan. Hunger is one of the world's most urgent problems. More than 50 million people in the U.S. - including 17 million children - are facing food insecurity, and the pandemic has brought on even worse rates, putting the world on the brink of a hunger pandemic.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is coming up, and it's all about fasting- feeling the hunger. With that comes a delight each night: eating. But not everyone who fasts has a meal guaranteed at the end of the day; many do so with hope and determination to find a way to break their fasts at sunset.

That's why this Ramadan, Zakat Foundation of America is committed to providing 100,000 meals do­mestically in a campaign called Feel the Hunger to Do Good - 15,000 of those meals are being provided in partnership with DoorDash. This is in addition to Zakat Foundation of America's annual overseas distributions, which feed the hungry in about 50 countries.

Zakat Foundation of America is also working with elected officials nationwide to ensure their constituents who struggle most receive the help they need.

Muslims in North Carolina have historically always given back, said Nayma Kose, Zakat Foundation of America's outreach and community engagement man­ ager. Just last year, they impacted 50,000 North Carolina residents positively with grocery boxes, hygiene kits and hot meals.

"Ramadan is a month of spirituality and generosity," Kose said. "North Carolina Muslims will be giving back to their own community this month as they grow stronger in their faith and appreciate their own numerous bless­ings. With these distributions, we will impact more than 15,000 North Carolina residents just this month."

Local area Ramadan distribution and event

  • Friday, April 30, 5-6 p.m.: hot food (Iftar) distribution
    Carter G. Woodson School (437 Goldfloss Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 27127)

  • Sunday, May 2,, 6-7 p.m.: hot food (Iftar) distribution
    Apex Mosque (733 Center St, Apex, NC, 27502)

  • Friday, May 7, 6-7 p.m.: hot food (Iftar) distribution
    Islamic Center of Greens­boro (2023 16th St, Greensboro, NC, 27405)

  • Saturday, May 8, 3-4 p.m.: grocery box distribution
    Islamic Center of the Tri­ad (1203 Frances Daily Ct, Colfax, NC, 27235)

Founded in 2001, Zakat Foundation of America helps generous and caring people reach out to those in need. Zakat Foundation's mission is to address immediate needs and ensure the self-reliance of the poorest people around the world. Zakat Foundation conducts humani­tarian assistance programs in more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.ZAKAT. org.