libya floods map 2023

Catastrophic Flooding Devastates Libya

Devastating floods, caused by heavy rainfall from Storm Daniel, have struck northeastern Libya, resulting in the tragic loss of over 11,000 lives, with 10,000 individuals still missing and countless more displaced. Collapsed dams submerged the eastern city of Derna, leading to widespread destruction as homes, vehicles, and debris were swept away. Morgues are overwhelmed, neighborhoods obliterated, and collapsed bridges have exacerbated the crisis. Families are in desperate need of your support to survive this catastrophic disaster.

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Our Support for Libyans in Need

Civil unrest, violence and deprivation have caused Libyans to seek aid in neighboring countries especially since the conflict in 2011. Zakat Foundation of America supported thousands of Libyan refugees and migrant workers, staying in the camps at Ras Jdir, Tunisia, with essentials of food, water, and medical treatment. Our seasonal giving program continues to support families facing food scarcity with food packages.

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