How Will You Warm Hearts This Winter?

Many of us remember summer nights sitting by a roaring fire either with family, friends or in camp. We sat there, told scary stories, and enjoyed life among nature as we later nestled in our tents. We were able to enjoy this because we knew that this slice of life would later come to an end and we would eventually go back to our warm homes. For Syrian refugees, this a way of life. A year-round event that carries over into frigid, snow-covered nights.

Currently more than 15,000 refugees in Arsal, Lebanon are in dire conditions. Arsal is found in the mountainous Bekaa valley region known for brutal winters. The refugees live in tents with inadequate insulation and roofs that allow for flooding and subzero temperatures to torment children and families. Sources for heat are scarce and as temperatures continue to drop the need for warmth is desperate.

These conditions have left little toes and fingers bitterly cold. The floods have left behind moldy water that spreads diseases. It can cause severe health problems from those that suffer from aspiratory, asthmatic, and other health problems. The vulnerability to the spread of Covid-19 is high as well with the lack of resources and difficulty in delivering those resources with travel restrictions. 

Allah said, “They love those who emigrated to them and find not any desire in their hearts of what the emigrants were given, but rather give them preference over themselves, even though they are in privation. Whoever is protected from the greediness of his own soul, then those will be successful.” (Quran 59:9)

Like the Ansar helped those in need, we should reach out to help others.

We cannot let refugee children continue to sleep in blistering cold conditions. Help us warm hearts and gift heat to refugees who are forced to live in dreadful conditions. Refugees who were forced to dismantle their shelters last year earlier only have plywood and tarp roofs to shield them from the heavy snow and extreme wind. Clothing can only do so much to keep families warm. Refugees needs fuel sources to keep campfires roaring through the night. Discarded paper and plastic are not adequate or safe for prolonged use. 

Zakat Foundation of America is ready to deliver 1 million tons of fire fuel to help keep the camps warm. Your donation can keep up to 10 families. Please, help today! For two decades, we have been a trusted humanitarian organization that has aided those in need when it matters most. 

Give Warmth Gift $150 today and keep a Syrian refugee family warm this winter!