How to Donate to Yemen

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It’s not as difficult as some might think to donate to Yemen. There are plenty of causes to give to for both short-term and long-term aid.

Yemen is in a constant emergency situation and has been for about eight years now. Because of that, emergency relief is a great way to donate to Yemen. This includes food and water, hygiene kits and other basic necessities. They help immediately and go a long way in helping people get through rough times, day by day.

Donate to Yemen by giving food

And food security, even if only short-term, does a lot in a region that faces cholera outbreaks and malnutrition-based illnesses. To start, not eating enough is already dangerous. Pair that with not being able to get vital necessary vitamins and minerals, and people suddenly begin to suffer from a variety of diseases as a result of a weakened immune system.

Zakat Foundation of America provides food aid throughout the year to Yemenis in need. Included in that are Ramadan and Udhiyah (also called Qurbani) distributions. Beneficiaries receive food packages meant to last a family of five for the entire month, as well as additional aid like warm meals for iftar and Eid gifts for orphans. During Udhiyah (Qurbani), these beneficiaries receive fresh, never-frozen and never-canned meat.

Don’t just give the food; help grow it

Zakat Foundation of America is proud to sponsor two distinct branches of Yemeni farmers. 

Five years ago, we began supporting Yemeni sesame farmers, using gifts from donors like you to buy standalone power sources for 65 Yemeni-owned oil-processing facilities. Sesame production increased by more than 25% as a result of the use of high-quality seeds and better agriculture practices. 

“Prevent starvation. That’s our donors’ top priority in Yemen,” Executive Director Halil Demir said at the time, “with a long-term goal of increasing Yemen’s domestic food growing and supply. The sesame production chain is key.”

Now, Zakat Foundation of America is working with Yemeni coffee farmers. We’re partnering with The Mokha Institute to expand our reach in empowering coffee farmers, benefitting even more Yemenis.

They address infrastructure needs, implement coffee production best practices, and improve access for Yemeni coffee producers to the global market for specialty coffee. Through innovation and determination, we’re proud to continue our commitment to empowering the underserved in Yemen and beyond.

This is a way to donate to Yemen that ensures the country’s people benefit economically by providing a sustainable livelihood. 

And long-term aid isn’t limited to farming. We also help poor and vulnerable families generate sustainable income by providing mating livestock. The animal husbandry program provides about 285 families in Yemen with sufficient livestock — sheep or chickens — to add more protein to their diet and generate surplus milk, eggs, or meat to market for expendable income.

Orphans need help, too

As with several countries around the world, Zakat Foundation of America sponsors orphans in Yemen. Orphans in our program receive physical and mental health care, nutritious food, education and costs covered for uniforms and books, Eid gifts and more. 

These children, already traumatized from growing up only knowing war in their country, are at high risk for malnutrition and food insecurity. 

All three of these ways to donate to Yemen — through short-term food aid, long-term food aid and orphan sponsorship — are key to uplifting a people who have been for years pushed down.

They need help, and they need generous people to help them.

Donate to Yemen