How Does Orphan Sponsorship Work?

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At Zakat Foundation of America, we consider any child without a parent — or a child who is defenseless because of frail or ailing parents — to be an orphan or vulnerable child eligible for sponsorship. This type of loss is a traumatic reality for millions of children worldwide. Your sponsorship provides food, education, health care, and other urgent aid to the sponsored orphan.

As with most processes, it starts with intention. Make the decision to support an orphan, specifically because that child is in need. It’s not about where the kid is from or how they look. It’s about using the wealth you’ve been given in this world to empower those who don’t have the means to uplift themselves.

We know that it’s important to be sure that your hard-earned money goes to this powerful cause. Zakat Foundation of America puts 100% of your donations to use when you give to the Orphan Sponsorship Program. This cherished program is one that we refuse to take overhead costs from, as every penny is meant to go to these children.

Now that you know how dedicated we are to orphan sponsorship, go to to begin the process. A form will allow you to select if you prefer to sponsor a boy or girl, and if you would like to sponsor a child from a specific country where we offer this program. Indicate whether your donation will be recurring or a one-time charge. Enter your email address for verification and check out!

Upon submitting your sponsorship, you can look forward to a profile and photo we will send you of the orphan your donation will support. We will make every effort to accommodate your sponsorship request for areas that are unstable, such as Palestine and Yemen; however, sponsorship updates may be delayed due to instability in those regions.

The $50 per month it costs to sponsor a child helps cover education costs for both tuition and school supplies. It makes sure finances aren’t a reason for these children to give up on or walk away from education.

Your gift ensures these children have multiple meals a day and that they’re nutritious. That is especially the case on both Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, when in addition to fresh food, these children will also receive Eid gifts or money just for them. Imagine the joy these vulnerable children feel at receiving your gifts!

The sponsorship costs also covers any health care the child might need, whether physical or mental. Zakat Foundation of America treats these children just as its representatives would treat their own: with love, compassion, and tireless support.

Are you ready to choose with love?

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