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Haiti Earthquake Relief

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Natural Disasters In Haiti

Haiti is a region that has suffered from natural catastrophes before. Since the earthquake that shocked Haiti in 2010, Zakat Foundation has remained in the region, committed to helping the people of Haiti and providing food security programs on a daily basis.

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2021 Haiti Earthquake Rocks the Region

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14, 2021 has ravaged Haiti leaving a death toll in the thousands with countless more missing or injured.

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Tropical Storm

Tropical Depression Grace Threatens Haiti

As recovery efforts are underway, countless more Haitians will face another threat: a tropical storm that has landed on the nation as it continues rescue efforts. The tropical storm will drench the already shattered land causing flash flooding and mudslides. This will make recovery efforts difficult and dangerous.

These unexpected natural disasters are taking place in a region that is normally underserved with medical resources.

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How You Can Help Haiti

You can help Haiti with emergency essentials such as hygiene supplies, clean water, emergency food aid, & more. For just $5, you can send a hygiene kit to someone in need.

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We Need Your Help

We are on the ground with our team providing essential medical help from doctors and nurses, but we need YOUR help.

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