Government of Bangladesh Lauded Zakat Foundation of America Services

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Almost five years ago, Zakat Foundation of America set up a simple office in Bangladesh to help the neediest of the needy. Today our outreach includes a mother and child health clinic, a pre-primary school, a sewing project, and an orphanage. We are helping more people than we had imagined.

Last week, the NGO Affairs Bureau Director from the Government of Bangladesh, Mr. Saiful Islam, visited the Zakat Foundation of America office and evaluated our programs in action. He applauded Zakat Foundation of America for "taking the courageous decision to develop the orphans of Bangladesh." He added that he "would like to see more orphan centers like the Zakat Foundation of America Orphanage." With your support we can continue to expand our work in this area of desperate need.

Before ending his visit, Mr. Islam addressed the Zakat Foundation of America staff and expressed a high appreciation for our work with people living in the slums. He said, "Slums are a high crime area, and the people live in darkness. Our responsibility is to bring them from the darkness to the light. It is a very difficult job. The government doesn't have the capacity to reach out to these people. That is why organizations such as Zakat Foundation of America are needed."

Please help us continue to bring our fellow brothers and sisters from darkness to the light. Neglected by society, and lacking a government with the capacity to reach them, they need your help.

We hope that you will celebrate our achievements by supporting our efforts in Bangladesh. Only with the help of Allah (swt) could we build this project. Please support Zakat Foundation of America’s projects in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

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