Food Packages Delivered to Syrians

As the situation in Syria continues to intensify every day, Zakat Foundation of America has increased its aid to the Syrian people. Zakat Foundation of America has been one of only a handful of organizations that has been able to provide aid inside Syria and to Syrian refugees in order to help those in need.

In the last two months, Zakat Foundation of America has delivered five trucks loaded with food packages to Syrians and Syrian refugees. The most recent truckload was delivered to Hama, Syria, and contained 1,000 food packages. Each food package contains cooking oil, lentils, sugar and rice. Other necessities, such as baby formula, were distributed to families upon request.

The first three trucks of Food Packages Delivered to Syrians were also loaded with 1,000 packages each and distributed necessities upon request. Two of those trucks arrived in Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, and the third truck arrived in Idlib, Syria. A fourth truck delivered food packages to Syrian refugees in Kilis, Turkey.

This Eid ul-Adha Zakat Foundation of America is providing Udhiya/Qurbani to Syrians and Syrian refugees. Donate your Udhiya/Qurbani to provide fresh meat to Muslims in need.