You Fed 5.2 Million Meals to the Food Insecure

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Half a Million Hot Meals/Water Fed to Starving Gaza

It is hard and dangerous getting food aid into starving Gaza. Still, Zakat Foundation relief teams inside Gaza have used your generous support to feed at least 493,450 hot meals, each with bottled water, directly to the starving Palestinian children, women, and men in Gaza in the past six months. Our Gaza aid teams have also risked life itself to get 6,710 food packages – each with 10-day essential food supplies – to desperate families in Gaza’s critically famished North.

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Zakat Workers Distribute 100,000 Food Baskets to Poor in Africa, Asia, US

From Central Africa to the Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, to Latin America and the US, Zakat Foundation donors have in the last six months fed more than 5.2 million people in some of the most highly food insecure populations in the world, including in Afghanistan, Mali, Bangladesh, Niger, Argentina, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, the countries of the Middle East, as well as here at home in the U.S.

A major Zakat Foundation rice distribution initiative – 174 tons – along with essential food basket distributions crucially helped food insecure Afghanis and Bengalis make it through successive natural disasters and harsh winter and monsoon seasons, respectively. In total, this food aid help stabilized the nutrition more than 8,000 food insecure families in the two countries.

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