Doordash, Muslim NGO to fight hunger during Ramadan

Posted by Michael Hernandez on 07 Apr 2021 12:00. Retrieved from


Delivery service Doordash and a US-based Muslim non-governmental organization announced on Wednesday they are partnering to provide tens of thousands of meals during Ramadan.

The Zakat Foundation of America and Doordash are intending to fight hunger and food insecurity during the Muslim holy month, which will begin April 13.

The companies are set to distribute at least 15,000 warm meals across the country from California to New York, according to a joint statement. The foundation has further pledged to distribute an additional meal for each picture posted on social media with the @ZakatUS and @DoorDash tags.

"Food insecurity exists everywhere," Amna Mirza, the foundation's chief marketing officer said. "This pandemic has shown us that our neighbors are hungry, some waiting for 10 hours in food lines. Recognizing this, DoorDash is helping power meals during this critical time."

Nadia Ismail, the [email protected] community chair, said, "Doordash is honored to be highlighting local, halal-certified merchants and donating $1 per order from those merchants to Zakat Foundation of America."

"DoorDash's partnership with Zakat Foundation of America will help ensure thousands of people in America are fed during this crucial time of worship," she said.

Muslims observing Ramadan are required to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex during daylight hours of their holy month, which will end May 12.