A Water Story

Delaware Students Invest in Safe Clean Water for Kids

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When you’re a kid, it’s easy to feel like you can’t do much. You rely on your parents, teachers, and countless other adults. But what if you got creative and pooled your resources to create change? That is precisely what a few schoolkids in Delaware did years ago. Working with Zakat Foundation of America, a group of school-aged volunteers started the Delaware Youth Well Project Team.

When they heard how kids couldn’t go to school because they were spending their time searching for safe, clean water, these students knew they had to do something.

They decided on one mission: to fundraise enough money to build water sources in countries that lack access to safe, clean water.

These kids used every fundraising tool they could. They ran bake sales, they did videos that they shared with friends and families, they blogged, and in the end, they were able to raise enough money for 101 wells!

Inspired by this youth group, the Zakat Foundation of America NC chapter was able to fundraise enough to build 101 wells in 2018-2019! Join us as we work to build more water sources. Give to our Water Program here and join our Water Challenge.