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The people of Lebanon need you. With the pandemic and now with their main port city decimated, the situation is turning even more dire. Food prices are rising, medical supplies are needed, and hospitals are overloaded.

Here are the main ways that Zakat Foundation of America is helping Lebanon:

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Food Security

Lebanon is facing a massive food security crisis. After the explosions that rocked the port of Beirut, the people of Lebanon face impending food shortages. Up to 80% of the food in Lebanon is imported and flows through Beirut. With the port decimated, they desperately need humanitarian aid.

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Cleaning and Rebuilding

The structural damage to the city of Beirut after the explosions was devastating. NASA estimates that the losses from the damage is around $10 to $15B. While the losses are vast, we are even more concerned with the human cost. There are thousands of people left homeless, dangerous debris endangers them, and more. We are on the ground removing this dangerous rubble from the streets so that people can rebuild once again.

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