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Bangladesh Lockdown Spikes Hunger

Help Provide Life-saving Aid

Our Response

We sent aid immediately in response to this hunger crisis. We are working with our field reps on the ground in Bangladesh to provide 1,000 food packages and hygiene kits weekly until the situation in Bangladesh improves.

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The Lockdown

Fueled by the delta variant first identified in neighboring India, Bangladesh has been hit with a third wave of COVID-19 cases. This new wave has meant daily Covid-19 infections quintupling and crippling the country’s already weakened resources. With no other resort, Bangladesh has been forced to lockdown. While this lockdown is necessary, it is endangering vulnerable communities such as day laborers, rickshaw drivers, construction workers, and others who rely on daily wages to survive.

We need your Help

You can help by providing emergency assistance in the form of nourishing food packages and hygiene kits. These essentials will ensure the survival of vulnerable workers and their families.

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Food Package $50

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Let’s work together to protect our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters from hunger.
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