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Afghanistan's Collapse Puts Civilians At Risk

The perilous state of Afghanistan had made the situation dire for civilians: especially women and children. These civilians are fleeing for their lives for safer refuge after living in a region rife with conflict for over 20 years.

Our Response

It is genuinely unsafe in the region, especially for humanitarian organizations. We are on the ground with our contacts and assessing the needs for our beneficiaries on a regular basis.

Yet, despite the risks, we are there to help with food and shelter.

With all borders closing, we are still finding ways to get aid to those who need it most. Given our 20-year track record of saving lives and creating social change we are using our extensive humanitarian network to help anyone we can. Items like tents for shelter and food are able to cross borders without conflict, and so we will start with providing shelter and nourishment.

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Our Domestic Response

As waves of refugees arrive in the United States, we work with federal refugee resettlement agencies to provide much-needed assistance. Help us welcome Afghan refugees with critical items such as food, temporary shelter, and baby essentials.

We pledge to invest half a million dollars to assist refugees on a case-by-case basis and provide financial assistance for organizations working directly with Afghan refugees.

Are you a recent refugee fleeing from Afghanistan?

Email us with a brief description of your circumstances.

Are you a registered nonprofit organization seeking assistance in helping Afghan refugees?

Email us with a brief description of your plans to help.

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Our International Response

We have two decades of experience administering humanitarian aid in the region. Once again, our team is witnessing a humanitarian crisis.Internal displacement has left nearly 400,000 Afghans without a home this year. They join 2.9 million Afghan civilians who are already displaced due to conflict. Our team is on the ground to provide displaced civilians with food, shelter, hygiene, and other life-saving assistance.

Help Afghans Here

As for humanitarian aid, it is very difficult but urgently needed. Thousands of people do not have access to any services whatsoever. We are trying to set up some service tents so we can provide warm food and basic services.

– Zakat Foundation of America representative in Afghanistan

How Can You Help Afghanistan?

We are on the ground to provide civilians with critical aid that they need so desperately: shelter, food aid, and water.

Won’t you please donate generously to brave civilians who deserve to live in peace and security? For just $50 or more, you can help bring a moment’s peace of mind to someone who has lived in a place of constant conflict.

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“All surrounding countries closed their borders, so there is nowhere to go for refugees. Our lives, at the moment, are full of uncertainties.”
– Zakat Foundation representative in Afghanistan

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