What Do We Do About Water Scarcity?

We all know that water is a precious resource. 

In spite of our planet being made up of 70% water, only 3% of this water is freshwater that we can access and use. When communities face shortages in clean, safe water, it is known as water scarcity. Water scarcity is an important issue that impacts more than 2 BILLION people worldwide. While climate change is one reason for water scarcity, a majority of water scarcity causes are driven by humans. The good thing is that we can do a lot to alleviate the issue of water scarcity with focused water programs. 

What Causes Water Scarcity?

What Can We Do About Water Scarcity?

As a global community, we have to recognize that water is a resource that we all need. Water is a right for all living things, not a privilege for a few. We need to create awareness that water isn’t an infinite resource. This includes treating water as a scarce resource that needs to be managed. We can’t afford to squander this resource. 

On a global scale, this means assisting communities with integrated water systems that are more efficient. 

On a micro scale, it means that we teach each person in a community the importance of water. We can mitigate and bring clean, safe water to communities. Our Water Program digs wells in responsible locations, teaches communities about water management, and water testing. 

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