Sa‘d ibn ‘Ubada came to the Prophet, on him be peace, and said:
O Messenger of God! My mother has died. What charity on her behalf is best?
“Water,” answered the Prophet, on him be peace.
So Sa‘d dug a well and said in dedication: This is for the Mother of Sa‘d.

Give Water

God made all life from water. That is why watering the thirsty gives a charity unsurpassed. The Prophet, on him be peace, literally named it “Charity Ever-flowing,” Sadaqah Jariyah, because it flows beyond death’s barrier into the Hereafter, streaming into one’s scales of good with God. On this guidance, we have dug and installed more than a thousand wells and hand pumps for the loving departed of families, for people in villages and rural communities across the world who had little or no fresh running water. We do not merely install these water sources. Our water experts…

  • Find the best place for your loved one’s well or hand pump
  • Supervise its construction
  • Install your loved one’s name permanently and prominently at the site to ensure his or her remembrance in the prayers of its users (an added benefit for the departed)
  • Provide you with photos of it gushing blessings of life for people and your beloved
  • Teach water and sanitation awareness to its users on important topics, like testing for arsenic contamination, a deep-groundwater problem throughout the world
Payment Methods Accepted 
Payment Methods Accepted

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