The Zakat Foundation of America Team Visits Ghana

This is a first-hand account from our Director of Operations, Amal Hamid of her field trip to Ghana. Thank you, Amal, for sharing your experience of helping people in Ghana.  

There is a big difference to be sitting behind a desk in front of a computer going over numbers and reports, and going out in the field and seeing first-hand how Zakat Foundation of America’s humanitarian programs are helping people and improving their quality of life.

I visited a few Sadaqah Jariyah projects such as mosques, water wells, and vocational training centers. The mosques I visited also served as educational hubs where the students and the community benefit equally.

blog ghana pray location
This is where they used to pray
blog ghana future pray location
And this is where they will pray

I visited an orphan’s guardian home that was built by the Zakat Foundation of America to replace a home that was completely destroyed by a storm. 

The orphan, named Rakiya is now a young lady that has completed the orphan program last month. She, her mother, and her siblings are still residing in the house. Rakiya is now signing up for sewing lessons from the sewing center so she can learn a sustainable livelihood and help her family.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we have improved her quality of life. Now, she will learn a trade that will help her provide for herself for a lifetime.

rakiya home before
Rakiya’s home before
rakiya home now
Rakiya’s home now

I was very impressed with how women in Ghana are very resilient. Our team provided weaving tools and rented a small shop for them where they keep their supplies and sell their work. However, they don’t have a place to do the work itself, so they have this big tree where they set up and work under its shade. Despite the challenges they face, Ghanaians show that when you have hope for a brighter future, God will provide.

blog 11 14 22 image

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to meet with beneficiaries that have been touched by your generosity. Thank you donors for allowing me to see your goodness at work!

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