Ramadan 2017: A Time of Reflection

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As the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) said:

“Allah has said: Every act of a person is for himself, but fasting is for Me. That is why I will be its reward” [Sahih Bukhari].

The most blessed month of the year is nearly here. It is the time of heightened spirituality as we strive to draw closer to the Creator. It is a time of deep reflection as we turn to prayer and the infinite wisdom of the Quran, and a time of joyous family and community gatherings.

Ramadan is also about sacrifice — not only giving up the pleasures of food and drink, but also opening our hearts and giving as much as we can to those in need. As Muslims, it is both a duty and privilege to help the hungry and oppressed.

Haritha b. Wahb reported Allah's Messenger (PBUH) as saying:

“Give sadaqa, for a time is about to come when a person would walk with alms, and the one whom it is to be given would say: Had you brought it yesterday, I would have accepted it. As for the present, I do not need it. And the giver of sadaqa will not find anyone to accept it.”

Every Ramadan season, Zakat Foundation of America works to distribute food packages, prepare group dinners (iftar) and give vulnerable children new clothes that they can wear for Eid festivities. This is in addition to the emergency relief work and other active programs Zakat Foundation of America does throughout the year.

Please help Zakat Foundation of America feed families around the world. One food package ($50) feeds a family of five for a month, and $3 can provide the hungry with a warm iftar (dinner). Kaffara and Fidya (donations made in Islam when a fast is broken) are $10 a day for the number of days you missed.
Zakat Foundation of America also accepts Zakat al-Fitr at the rate of $10 per person. Zakat Foundation of America gives Eid gifts to orphans and needy children for $30 per gift, and gives livestock as a Eid gift for $220.


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