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Zakat Foundation in Lebanon

Zakat Foundation supporters and relief specialists have worked in Lebanon since 2001, helping war and conflict victims, the displaced, and a growing refugee population with our Seasonal Islamic Giving Program. When the Beirut explosions occurred, we were on the ground immediately to provide Emergency Relief.

Zakat Foundation aid experts provide free education to refugee children, as well as vocational training, health and wellness clinics, food, medicine; shelter supplies, winter clothing, utensils, hygiene kits, and daily use items. 

In addition, thousands of Lebanon’s refugees each year receive from Zakat Foundation donors and aid workers a full Ramadan month’s worth of Iftar meals. Zakat Foundation also supplies freshly, Islamically slaughtered, hand-delivered, local Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice to Lebanon’s refugees on Eid al-Adha.

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