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Emergency Relief

Zakat Foundation is helping victims of disaster and violent conflict. We convert your gifts of compassion into life-saving relief that we bring directly and locally to afflicted women, children, men, families, and elderly.

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Whoever relieves someone in difficulty or alleviates him, God will shade him beneath His Throne on Resurrection Day — a Day with no shade but His.”


When climate disaster, natural catastrophe, or violent conflict strikes, we convert your gifts of compassion into life-saving relief that we bring directly, locally, to afflicted women and children, men and families, and elderly. We rush them wholesome, high nutrition food stores and drinkable water. We provide them protective shelter, bedding, and weather-appropriate clothing. We give them daily hygiene essentials and household necessities, including generators, heaters, and fuel. We send in and support expert medical providers to treat the wounds and illnesses of the stricken, administer first aid and urgent care, and stock field hospitals and care facilities with vital equipment, medicines, and power sources.

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Whether a tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, or civil war, calamities can occur instantaneously, or, like economic disasters, can build up over time to consume the most vulnerable members of society. Through regional offices around the world, we respond quickly to natural and man-made disasters. We address the immediate needs of those who have been overwhelmed by catastrophe.

We provide relief through the immediate distribution of:

  • Food packages

  • Medicine Kits

  • Hygiene Packages

  • Temporary Shelter

For many communities, emergency aid must be accompanied by development initiatives to decrease the dependence on outside assistance and create momentum towards recovery and self-reliance. True to our mission we go beyond emergency relief to ensure reconstruction efforts are set into motion in the afflicted area.

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Urgent Needs Campaigns Past & Present

A snapshot of our emergency relief efforts across the globe. Thank you for your support.

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