Opening the Door to a Flourishing Future

Shanawaz Hussain T. comes across as a typical ninth-grade student. He bikes to school, does well in his classes, and plays a sport — cricket. He goes from school to tutoring, not getting to home until 8 p.m. He does his homework and spends time with his grandmother, who he stays with, and plays with his cat.

He’s been struggling for years, though. Shanawaz lost his father in an accident when he was 9 years old. His father was a mechanic and the family’s sole provider at the time. The family faced financial hardships after Shanawaz’s father died. They had to stay in government-provided shelter for a year before they moved in with Shanawaz’s grandmother.

“My mother is educated and passed high school. She earned money to lead the family,” Shanawaz said. “Though my mother could manage to provide one meal for us, what she could no longer provide was quality education to us.”

His mother, not being the type to ask relatives for financial support, became burdened with too many responsibilities. She struggled to put together money for her children’ school uniforms, books, and traveling expenses.

She said her husband never let her struggle in life, and his sudden death caused a lot of difficulties. She said she doesn’t have enough words to express gratitude to the donors who have helped her family.

“You have opened the door of a bright future to my children,” she said. “Thank you very much. May Allah bless each one behind this help with plenty of rewards.”

Zakat Foundation of America stepped in to keep Shanawaz in school. He said his family’s life began improving, and that being in Zakat Foundation of America’s Orphan Sponsorship Program is also helping his brother stay in school. He thanks his donors for the continuous support and care they’ve given him which is Opening the Door to a Flourishing Future.

“With the support, I can go to school and study, can play with my friend, and I’m able to enjoy my school days happily trying to achieve my goal,” Shanawaz said. He wants to become a police officer when he completes his schooling.

It’s through your generous donations that Zakat Foundation of America is able to sponsor orphans and vulnerable children around the world. In the case of Shawanaz, Zakat Foundation of America is helping cover schooling costs, but cases differ. Some of the orphans Zakat Foundation of America sponsors need help getting access to clean drinking water, others need access to electricity, heat or even medical support. Donating today can do more than improve lives — it can save them. Please give generously.