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Zakat Foundation of America delivering 18 tons of fresh produce to Minneapolis’ afflicted after George Floyd police murder, unrest

Zakat Foundation of America is delivering Tuesday, June 2, a refrigerated trailer full of fresh produce and food.

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Zakat Foundation of America Presents a Once-in-a-Lifetime Eid Show

Zakat Foundation of America is hosting Eid-in-Place: A Free Virtual Show, featuring artists from both sides of the Atlantic who are celebrated by a global audience.

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Zakat Foundation of America Unveils Lineup of Top Performers, Announces Free Virtual Show for End-of-Ramadan Islamic Holiday: Eid-In-Place

Unprecedented online initiative seeks to bring families’ hearts together for a good cause, even as they stay at home,\_by assembling some of the most important, emerging voices working in entertainment today.

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Zakat Foundation of America hosts drive-thru food distribution

Zakat Foundation of America will be hosting a fresh produce and meat distribution to 100 families. This will happen in a drive-through format at our headquarters.


Zakat Foundation of America partners with comedian Azhar Usman

Recognizing the need for humor to ease discomfort, Zakat Foundation of America has partnered with comedian Azhar Usman to share stories about the organization and its work in an entertaining way.


Zakat Foundation of America creates Memorial Wall to honor lives lost from COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the way we grieve and mourn the ones we have lost. For this, a digital COVID-19 Memorial Wall has gone live on the organization’s website.


Zakat Foundation Equips South Side Chicago Hospitals Treating Coronavirus — Hit Underserved with Urgently Needed Medical Gloves

Zakat Foundation of America stepped up its nationwide Coronavirus emergency response today, delivering thousands of direly needed medical-grade gloves to two far South Side Safety-Net hospitals in Chicago.


Zakat Foundation Offers Coronavirus Crisis Mental Health Care Through Its Khalil Center Project

Zakat Foundation of America’s professional mental wellness project, Khalil Center, has begun providing online psychological counseling and emergency help nationwide during the surging coronavirus crisis.


Zakat Foundation Launches Coronavirus Food, Hygiene, Mental Health Aid to American Public

Bridgeview, Ill. (March 22) — In a nationwide initiative, Zakat Foundation of America has announced Friday it will provide people in need with food, hygiene kits and mental health Webtherapy.


Heroics, Heartbreak, and Humor on the Humanitarian Disaster Front - Local Leader in Global Relief Tells His Story

Halil Demir will bring his 9 Myths About Muslim Charities story to Orland Park Prayer Center with a book reading and signing. Demir’s 9 book tells his harrowing story of 30 years in global disaster relief.


Zakat Foundation’s Demir Gets Justice Event Invite from Illinois Governor

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker invited Zakat Foundation Executive Director Halil Demir to help mark his public pardon.


Zakat Foundation of America Supports Dr. Larycia Hawkins Documentary “Same God”

Zakat Foundation of America announces a partnership with the makers of the documentary “Same God.” The documentary, by Linda Midgett, explores the polarization taking place within America.