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U.S. Humanitarian and Development Organizations Urge Trump Administration To Restore Funding for Programs for Vulnerable Palestinians

Washington, D.C. (Sept. 13, 2018) — As a group of US-based humanitarian and development NGOs, we are deeply concerned by the Trump administration’s decision to stop funding programs that meet the basic needs of Palestinians at a time of acute suffering brought on by years of conflict and isolation.

Zakat Foundation Readies Relief for Hurricane Florence Victims

DURHAM, NC, Sept. 13 — As life-threatening Hurricane Florence bears down on North Carolina and the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, Zakat Foundation of America disaster relief experts and volunteers stand at high alert, ready to respond.

Zakat Foundation Included in Hurricane Harvey Relief Study

[Monitor Minute] “Meet Chicago,” Episode 3: Rohingya in Chicago

In the podcast, they discuss the plight of the Rohingya and the ethnic cleansing they’re facing in their Burmese homeland, the foundation for the Rohingya Culture Center, and hopes for their future in Chicagoland.

Zakat Foundation of America’s Zahraa University Graduates First Syrian Refugee Class

Zakat Foundation of America’s Zahra University has graduated its first class of Syrian refugees.

NGOsource Partners with Zakat Foundation of America: Providing Support for Syrian Refugees in Host Countries

NGOsource Partners with Zakat Foundation of America: Giving in Syria

NGOsource Partners with Zakat Foundation of America: Reflections on Ramadan

How One Woman Raised More Than $100,000 to Help Fight Hunger

NGOsource Partners with Zakat Foundation of America: The State of Philanthropy In and Around Syria

Mr. Nasir Bin Zakaria Honored as American Red Cross 2018 Global Citizenship Hero

Zakat Foundation of America Partners with Chicago Theological Seminary Against Islamophobia