Greenhouse Gardens

Empowering Families in Gaza

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Zakat Foundation of America and American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) have agreed to build, equip, and seed 48 greenhouses over the next three years to feed food-insecure families in Gaza year-round, increase their incomes, and provide them with specialized sustainable farming training.

The Gaza Home Gardens and Food Security Enhancement Program targets highly vulnerable families — those with female-headed households, children under 5, or disabled, elderly, or chronically ill members. The World Food Programme reports that 39 percent of Gazans, almost two in five, suffer food insecurity and dependency on food assistance, a serious health threat, especially to the very young and old.

The project includes funding for upgrading farmers’ skills through four one-day training seminars on best practices for vegetable growing, composting, pest management, and water conserving irrigation techniques, which utilizes plastic reservoirs provided to families for days when water is cut off. An array of field extension services will also help farmers throughout the program.

Palestinian experts will also oversee the program’s agricultural implementation, coordination, and outreach.

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