Be Intentional This Ramadan

Ramadan 2022: Niyyah

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Be intentional with everything you do this Ramadan. Especially your Charity. With every good deed that you do, it is the intention that matters most.

Dedicate more than yourself this Ramadan.
Pay your Zakat

This Ramadan, I intend to:


I intend to fast this Ramadan, and if I cannot, I will pay my Fidya or Kaffara today.

Pay Fidya or Kaffara


I make every intention to pray this Ramadan. In addition to my prayers I intend to offer Sadaqah Jariyah this Ramadan.

Pay Sadaqah Jariyah


I intend to read the Holy Quran every day, and give Sadaqah each Friday as added protection this Ramadan.

Give Sadaqah


This Ramadan, I intend to be as generous as the free-blowing wind.

Give Generously

Deed of the Day

Make Dua

“Whoever stands up (in worship) in the nights preceding the two Eids expecting rewards from his Lord, his heart will not die when the other hearts will die.”

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Make the Intention to Help the Most Vulnerable

Pediatric Cancer Hospital in Gaza

This Ramadan and beyond, help us bring meals and hope to the littlest cancer patients in the Gaza Strip. Gaza’s already-deprived citizens need us now more than ever — this time, to help children with cancer. We are bringing nourishing meals to sick kids at Al-Rantisi Pediatric Specialized Hospital, the only pediatric cancer department in Gaza.

With skyrocketing poverty and unemployment, the families of these cancer patients need our help and support. Your gift can save lives.

Give a child a fighting chance.
Help a child in Gaza

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Coffee Growing a Vehicle to Sustainable Livelihoods

This Ramadan, Intend to Empower Yemenis

Zakat Foundation of America is partnering with The Mokha Institute to expand its reach, benefitting even more Yemenis. The Institute, which American of Yemeni descent Mokhtar Alkhanshali founded, is a nonprofit that helps Yemeni farmers grow and sell coffee to create and further self-sustainable livelihoods.

They address infrastructure needs, implement coffee production best practices, and improve access for Yemeni coffee producers to the global market for specialty coffee.

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Sustainable Livelihood Success

Sesame Farming Program

Zakat Foundation of America has already seen the positive effects of sustainable livelihoods on Yemeni farmers. Our sesame farming program in Yemen has allowed farmers to grow and sell their sesame, creating a pathway to self-sustainability and self-reliance. Partnering with The Mokha Institute will enable us to support more Yemeni farmers as they increase their yields and their means of production.

Empower Yemenis through coffee growing.
Help Now

Humanity Hospital Lahore

Humanity Hospital & Medical Center Lahore

Where Everyone Will Get Care

This Ramadan, Intend to Treat the Sick

With a vision to provide affordable quality health care to all those in need, Zakat Foundation of America is breaking ground to establish a 50-bed Medical Center of Excellence in Lahore, Pakistan.

Humanity Hospital & Medical Center Lahore will provide compassionate, comprehensive, contemporary quality health care with a focus on heart-related disease. This hospital will serve every patient with dignity regardless of their ability to pay for services. The Medical Center will hold a service-over-fees model. The state-of-the-art facility will be equipped with the latest technology and fully trained staff ready to serve humanity above all else.

Zakat Foundation will direct every step of this groundbreaking Signature Project.

Help treat the sick.
Give Now

Give Charity

It stands in the way of calamity.

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