Ramadan 2021 at Zakat Foundation of America

Too many will not have Iftar tonight.

What happens when you feel hunger? Your stomach contracts and spasms. As you think about your Iftar, remember you are one of the lucky ones. Too many will not have Iftar.

Feel the hunger to do good in many ways
Donate Today Give charity, it stands in the way of calamity.

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The global hunger crisis is far bigger than you may know:

Stand against the hunger crisis and tell the world.

Participate in our Ramadan photo campaign.

The hunger we feel during Ramadan is meant to draw us closer to God, to purify our minds, bodies, and souls. Participate in our campaign to tell the world that you stand against hunger. Every photo shared with @zakatus helps feed a hungry person. #feelthehunger

Get Started Need another language? Get started with our photo campaign frames in Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Turkish.

TIP: Shy about sharing your photo frame? Don’t be! This is bigger than that. When you share your photo frame with your network you help spread goodness, you help fight HUNGER this Ramadan. The more everyone shares, the more people we can help, together.

Not on social media? No problem. You can still participate through our website. Go to  http://share.zakat.org/ to get started.

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To support the community during the month of Ramadan, DoorDash is honored to be highlighting local, halal-certified merchants and donating $1 per order from those merchants to Zakat Foundation of America to help combat food insecurity. Use the keyword "halal" to find participating restaurants. 

That's not all! Zakat Foundation pledges to give another meal for every photo you post sharing your order from DoorDash’s Halal Collection tagging @zakatus and @doordash. This is part of our commitment to feed 100,000 meals domestically this Ramadan.

This Ramadan, feel the hunger to do good.

Give Charity

It stands in the way of calamity.

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