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Jordan is considered one of the leading developing countries, especially owing to its healthcare services, education, and standard of living; however, much of the wealth in Jordan is concentrated in the capital. There are stark differences in the quality of life in urban cities and rural villages where poverty, unemployment, and healthcare are comparable to the most impoverished in the region.

Since the national recognition of the Jordanian state, Jordan has served as a safe haven for refugees fleeing conflict in neighboring Palestine and Iraq. According to UNHCR, Jordan is home to 1.9 million Palestinian refugees, close to a million Syrian refugees, and around 40,000 Iraqi refugees. Refugees face the brunt of poverty in Jordan; however, initiatives have been launched to assist refugees through housing projects, work programs, and citizenship. It is becoming clear that the exodus of the hundreds of thousands of new refugees has overwhelmed the Jordanian government and agencies who are ill-equipped to provide services at the required scale.

In Jordan, Zakat Foundation of America runs a country office that coordinates an orphan and vulnerable children sponsorship program; vocational training centers for the refugee population; educational initiatives, such as the supply of school backpacks for children; and seasonal food distributions for the holiday seasons.

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Vital Stats for Jordan

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0/1,000 Infant Mortality Rate
0 years Life Expectancy
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