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Seasonal Islamic Giving

“Whoever gives the food of fast-breaking to the faster shall have the like of the faster
in reward, not diminishing the reward of the faster in the slightest.

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There are natural rhythms to everything in life, and this includes our charitable giving. As the sacred times open to us — Ramadan and Hajj specifically — our hearts beat with a greater pulse to give. Yet this heart-sound of giving also echoes charity’s cadence in our hearts when glad tidings come to us — the birth of a child, or other blessed windfalls; or when we succumb to some low impulse and transgress and seek to materially express sincere regret; and, perhaps, even more so when we see the suffering of other human beings, for whom our hearts open with that defining human desire to alleviate their pain, touch them with goodness, and help replace their loss.

We find our givers in all these occasions and circumstances seeking to give openhandedly from the bounty God has given them.We fed 10 million meals to fasters last Ramadan at the request of our donors, and distributed 10 million pounds of meat as offerings of nearness (qurbani) to God on just the four Days of Sacrifice (udhiyah) this past Hajj season.

And each year, we see increase in the people paying their Zakat in Ramadan, particularly its last blessed 10 days, seeking to multiply their reward untold times.

We convey thousands of charitable sacrificial offerings of cattle for newborns (‘aqiqah) to the hungry of the world throughout the year, and accept and distribute to the poor the donations of valid redemption payments from fasting Ramadan (fidyah) for the excused, as well as the atonement payments (kaffarah) as expiations for missed days of fasting from those who violated their Ramadan fasts without valid exemption.

  • Ramadan: We enable donors to celebrate and give thanks during the month of Ramadan by facilitating food distribution to families in need.
  • Fidyah: The option to pay Fidyah exists for those Muslims who cannot fast during Ramadan.
  • Kaffarah: Kaffarah is offered when one intentionally violates the fast without valid excuse.
  • Udhiya/Qurbani: During the days of Eid ul-Adha, Muslims have the opportunity to follow the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, to provide fresh meat to impoverished families around the world. Donors can sponsor shares of cows or sheep to fulfill this great service and celebratory gift to poor families in any of the countries where we work.

Please give whatever you can to your neighbors near and far in distress and privation.

Donate Udhiyah

Payment Methods Accepted 
Payment Methods Accepted

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