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Read, in the name of your Lord who has created!
He has created man from a clinging clot.
Read! For your Lord is the Most Gracious One,
Who has taught by the pen,
has taught man what he has known not!

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Above all — as the Quran commenced its instruction to the Prophet, on him be peace, and humanity — we are deeply committed to providing the poor and vulnerable full access to inclusive and equitable quality education. This is both our own experience and our unshakable conviction: Education and understanding create powerful antidotes to unrest, distrust, and war. To educate someone is, therefore, to enrich them and their society for life and beyond. That is why it too is an ever-flowing charity, sadaqah jariyah. From early childhood education, to primary and secondary school, to college and graduate degree and professional programs, our work to educate shows that learning lifts people out of poverty, empowers the person, gives voice to the once-silent, bridges social and cultural divides, and expands equality and justice in society. We conduct programs across the world in vocational and life-skills instruction, professional placement and re-certification, and youth science and technology. We school the orphan, widow, displaced, refugee, and impoverished; women and men, young and old.

Zahraa University brings higher education to Syria’s displaced (all professors and students are refugees) in Turkey’s Gazientep border province. It provides a dynamic teaching environment for academics and college students in exile. Zahraa offers several accredited degree programs in languages, applied and natural sciences, and religion. More than a symbol of the potential transformative power of education, our graduates constitute a powerful reality moving toward a hopeful future of equity and justice in this disrupted region.

Nor do we neglect the displaced children in Syria, fully sponsoring 8 schools, thousands of children, and hundreds of educators and staff.

Our Solar on SchoolsSOS – program is lighting up once dark “hot-house” rural schools across Pakistan, causing enrollment to skyrocket in places where the unavailability of electricity has led to one of the country’s most devastating problems. This environmentally sustainable project will pay major dividends in the long run, raising literacy rates and access among the poor and saving precious funds spent on cash-guzzling fuel and noise-polluting generators.

Nearly, since our inception in 2001, we have maintained the sponsorship of all tuition and fees for Afghani girls and their teachers and school staff, as well as orphanage schools in Bangladesh and Nepal, and secondary schools in Ghana. In the Dominican Republic, we teach English to eager learners, also supporting STEAM educational programs among Chicago’s impoverished children, while outfitting its poor students with backpacks full of school supplies.

Educate someone and enrich them and all they touch for life and beyond, a sadaqah jariyah.

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Payment Methods Accepted

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