PRESS RELEASE: ZF Answers the Call in Syria and Haiti

PRESS RELEASE: ZF Answers the Call in Syria and Haiti

ZF Answers the Call in Syria and Haiti

(Chicago, IL, 10/10/16) – The Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is making the dangerous journey through northern Syria and mobilizing in Haiti to deliver vital food, water, and hygiene supplies to disaster survivors in both countries.

Over the last six weeks the eastern part of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, has undergone the worst bombardment in six years of ferocious war. Even hospitals and aid convoys have been targeted. Hundreds have lost their lives, and the ferocity of the bombing has left large areas of the city without basic supplies and services. The United Nations estimates that over 275,000 people are now besieged, with no end in sight. ZF is sending 6 40-foot cargo trucks loaded full with food packages containing water, rice, potatoes, cooking oil, cracked wheat, and macaroni, which will reach at least 10,000 families throughout Aleppo.

This aid convoy is only the latest phase of ZF’ s comprehensive support operation for Syrian civilians suffering from one the most brutal civil wars in recent memory. It complements long-running programs in education and skill training that are setting an example for transformative, lasting responses to the world refugee crisis.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Matthew has left a trail of destruction across Haiti that has left aid organizations scrambling to effectively respond. The damage is extensive, and over 1000 people have lost their lives. The country, which is one of the poorest in the world, is still feeling the effects of the massive devastation of its 2010 earthquake, which makes the recovery from the hurricane even more difficult.

Since 2010 ZF has been committed to assisting the long-term recovery effort in Haiti, but the most immediate need in the wake of this disaster is for fresh food and water. ZF’s partners are currently on the ground, distributing urgently needed food packages, water and hygiene kits, while also running a large soup kitchen that feeds 1,000 people per day.

These relief campaigns in Aleppo and Haiti reflect ZF’s mission to act as both a first responder and a long-term partner for all communities stricken by humanitarian crises, wherever they happen and whomever they affect.

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